Greenvale Primary School offers a broad curriculum from Foundation to Year 6 encompassing the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Digital Technology, Curiosity, Science, Italian (Language Other Than English), The Arts, and Health and Physical Education. The school sets high academic expectations and delivers high standards in student achievement across the curriculum. The school values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Honest and Learning underpin the academic, physical, social and emotional wellbeing and development of all students.



At Greenvale Primary School we believe in both the importance of developing children’s decoding skills and comprehension, and the need to instil their love of books and reading. Our school recognises that the two elements are intertwined; each relies on the other if children are to become life-long readers. Our teaching philosophy is based on the belief that language underpins ALL learning.  Teachers plan and administer rich learning activities that provide various opportunities for students to practise speaking and listening skills in informal and formal experiences. We also offer a successful English as an Additional Language (EAL) program  for those students who are recent arrivals from non-English speaking countries or students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The leadership and teaching staff at Greenvale Primary believe that support from home is a vital component of consolidating student success. We expect parents to model an interest in reading, remind students to practise spelling their frequently used words, encourage them to speak correct English and answer questions in full sentences. Daily home reading is also strongly recommended and we encourage students to borrow, read and enjoy books from our extensive library. We are committed to working with parents to build effective home/school partnerships which support students.  We also welcome Parent Helpers into our classrooms.

In Foundation – Year 2, the teaching of reading and writing is based on the Early Years model.  A balanced approach includes knowing how to automatically read and spell the Oxford Words and a sound knowledge of phonics is included in order to ensure early success.  The emphasis in the Early Years is on learning how to read and write. In Years 3 – 6 the emphasis changes to using reading comprehension in order to develop understanding and extend learning. Important comprehension skills are taught and practised.

In writing, students are taught how to write various genres of texts and use a variety of writing devices to enhance the quality of their work. Teachers use a consistent approach based on the roles that a writer undertakes. Firstly, as an author who plans, writes and edits their work and then as a secretary who proofreads and publishes the texts.

We are committed to ensuring all students feel success in their literacy learning and we provide opportunities for students who have been identified as needing assistance to participate in literacy support programs.

Teachers assess students regularly with effective assessment tools and group students according to their needs.



Greenvale Primary School follows a sequential mathematics program to develop students’ skills, knowledge and application of mathematical concepts. Numeracy lessons follow current education initiatives and focus on number fluency activities, explicit teaching of skills, concepts and vocabulary, problem solving strategies and reasoning. A minimum of five hours of numeracy is taught each week. A mathematics consultant works with class teachers, assisting with planning and assessment. Essential mathematical skills are taught by all teachers from Foundation to Year 6 using a variety of teaching styles and educational resources including interactive whiteboards, iPads and computers. Continuous assessment ensures our teaching caters for all student needs.

Our program is enhanced by school events such as:

  • 100 Days of School
  • Parental Assisted Mathematical Tasks
  • Family Mathematics evenings
  • Numeracy related Education Week Activities
  • Parent Information Sessions
  • Newsletter Information
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Mathletics



Greenvale Primary School believes in fostering children’s curiosity about the world through curriculum areas such as Science and Humanities. The area of Humanities includes Civics and Citizenship, Geography and History. The school incorporates an inquiry approach to learning where the children are inspired to question and wonder.

A variety of experiences integrated across curriculum areas leads to the discovery of knowledge. The focus is on developing transferable skills of critical thinking, planning, self- management, organisation and communication so children become independent life-long learners.



Science is the study of the physical and natural world. Scientists have discovered and explored these concepts through observation and experimentation.  The Victorian Science Curriculum has 5 strands which are all taught at Greenvale Primary School. They include Physical Science (with a focus on STEM based tasks), Chemical Science, Biological Science, Earth and Space Science and Science as a Human Endeavour. Science is taught using an Inquiry based approach and students undertake experiments using the Scientific Method. The Science Specialist teaches the Year 3-6 students a specific area of Science during weekly one hour lessons each semester.



All students participate in regular Physical Education sessions planned and delivered by a specialist Physical Education Teacher. In addition to this, every student has an additional Year Level Sport session each week. The focus in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 is on developing fundamental, perceptual and locomotive motor skills, and integrating these skills into sport. Students in these year levels participate in an Annual Tabloid Sports event.

In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 students participate in regular school-based sport and fitness sessions, exploring a range of sports from Australia and around the world. Students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to represent the school in an inter-school sports competition including swimming, cross country, athletics and a range of major sports. The school holds an annual athletics and cross-country competitions for students in Years 3 to 6.

The school has a very strong record of performance in sport with students and teams competing at the State and National level.



Greenvale Primary provides for students to participate in both specialist Visual and Performing Arts programs. These programs are delivered in well designed, purpose built rooms. A feature of the school environment is the extensive display of student artwork, particularly in the halls of the main building. The student’s art work is celebrated in a School Art Show held every second year.

A specialist music program is delivered for all students from Foundation to Year 6, including a recorder program for Years 3 and 4. Year 5 students learn how to play the ukulele and Year 6 students play other tuned instruments such as the guitar and keyboard.

Interested students in all year levels are invited to join the school choir. At times, choir students may audition for solo parts in preparation for performances. They rehearse weekly and perform at a variety of functions through the school year, including Nursing Homes.

Parents also have the opportunity to pay for their children to be tutored in an on-site instrumental program for keyboard and guitar, run by ‘Genesis Music School’.



The LOTE program introduces the students from Foundation to Year 6 to the basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in the Italian language. The program also gives the students an opportunity to develop an appreciation, awareness and understanding of the history and culture of Italy.



At Greenvale Primary School we seek to use innovative Digital Technologies to enhance student engagement and learning, while promoting the safe and responsible use of Digital Technology in a global community. We follow the Victorian Digital Technology Curriculum and aim to embed Digital Technologies throughout all curriculum areas.

Foundation Students use iPads, Years 1- 3 have tablets at a ratio of 1 : 2 and our Year 4 – 6 students have the opportunity to take part in our highly successful 1 : 1 Digital Technologies Program. Each classroom has a either an interactive whiteboard, interactive television or large television screen. Each of these devices have their own dedicated computer connected to them as well as being wi-fi enabled, which allows students to display their work on the large screen.

In Years 4 – 6, students use Microsoft OneNote for Education to create a digital portfolio, access work and support at school and at home. We have a Digital Technology coach who works with both teachers and students to develop their technology skills, she also runs a ‘Texpert’ group where selected students from each Year 4 – 6 class develop their technology and leadership skills with the aim to transfer these skills back into their classroom. We are introducing coding and robotics at all levels and are an accredited eSmart school with a focus on developing responsible digital citizens.



Greenvale Primary School prides itself in providing a safe and orderly learning environment, one which is inclusive of all students. The school values of Learning, Honesty, Respect, Resilience and Responsibility, are the guiding principles and beliefs of students, staff and parents.  Our school values shape our students into becoming active and conscientious citizens.  We believe that a safe, nurturing and engaging environment can provide the opportunity for all students to reach their full potential as literate, numerate and curious lifelong learners.  SWPBS is a whole school approach that supports our restorative approach to discipline, as well as our social skills program, ‘Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships.’

At Greenvale Primary School our School Values underpin everything staff and students do. These values are not only displayed throughout the school but referenced constantly in class and in the playground when addressing behaviours and learning. Our high expectations are reflected in the way staff and students conduct themselves and interact with each other in a professional, caring, cooperative and supportive environment and it is with great pride that we can say that our students and staff display these values consistently. This whole school approach to discipline is what ‘School Wide Positive Behaviour’ supports. Whilst values learning occurs throughout each day, we also take the time to explicitly teach the values as part of our curriculum. Teachers unpack each value with our students. This involves looking at what each value means and what it looks like in action. We focus on one specific value at a time and our Student of the Week Awards are given to students who have demonstrated this value at school. We believe that it is crucial that our students are hearing similar language and a consistent positive message about each value both at school and at home. This is one important way that we can work together in partnership to strengthen our children’s character and ensure they grow up to be the best possible citizens they can be. Not only does our SWPBS enhance student behaviour but it provides positive adult and community models that support social and emotional development and the successful interactions of our whole school community. We, at Greenvale Primary School, believe that whole school approaches to discipline, respectful relationships and restorative practises are critical for building, maintaining, restoring and sustaining…’Positive Relationships!’



When parents enrol their students into Greenvale Primary School, we enrol the family not just the child. Greenvale Primary School provides a Transition program for pre-school children and parents who will commence school the following year. The program aims to prepare students and parents for a smooth transition into school life by familiarising them with some elements of our school. The program runs for five weeks early in Term 4 with the Kinder students taking part in classes in the Foundation classrooms. The parents participate in a ‘Parents In Partnership’ program which introduces them to school processes, expectations and information regarding their child’s education at the same time.



Greenvale Primary School is a sun smart school and all students are required to wear a school black bucket hat in Term 1 until then end of April and in Term 3 and 4 starting from 1st September. An ongoing strategy to further develop the school grounds includes the provision of adequate shade in the school playground.