Interschool Sport Winter Gala Day

Last Friday, May 26th, Greenvale Primary School Year 6 students represented the school at the Greenvale District Winter Gala Day. Students competed in Football, Soccer and Netball tournaments at various locations around Roxburgh Park. All students represented the school with great pride.


Our Boys and Girls Soccer team competed at Arena Reserve, our boys team won 2 games and lost 1, finishing 3rd overall. Our Girls team went undefeated by drawing all 3 of their games and finished 3rd. Great effort by both teams!



Our Boys and Girls Football teams competed at Roxburgh Park Football Club. The boys team went undefeated all day and won the gala day. They will be going onto the Division Football finals in Term 3. Our girls were undefeated in the group stage but unfortunately lost in the grand final. Well done to both teams.



Finally, our Boys and Girls netball teams competed at Keelonith Primary School. Our boys team went undefeated for the day and won the gala day overall. They will be going onto the Division Netball finals later on in the year. Our girls also went undefeated in their group matches, but unfortunately lost the grand final. Fantastic work to both teams!