Year 3 Sleepover

Our students all had a fantastic time during our Year 3 ‘Sleepover’ on Friday October, 14th. They were kept busy during the day and demonstrated how ‘Greenvale kids are Great’ by displaying their kind, courteous and gracious behaviour while visiting the United Cinemas, Craigieburn and Airborn trampoline park in Roxburgh Park.  Both venues did a fantastic job of looking after us and we were very appreciative.

Once back at Greenvale Primary school, the students were spoilt with a lovely afternoon tea and some scrumptious pizza dinner from My Mates Pizza, in Glenroy. Of course there were a few nerves but overall the students were amazing during what was their first night away from their family. Well Done Year 3s!


Year 3 Sleepover

By Nathan La Motta 3WR

On Friday the 14th of October 2016 the year 3s had a sleepover. It was an awesome day with over 100 kids and lots of activities.

First off, we went to the movies and watched ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.  We had popcorn and a drink. The movie was very funny and also very silly. It ended with a cliff hanger. The cinema staff were funny, fabulous and friendly – they were also kind and good looking.

We also went to Airborn and it was great jumping around. I went on the super bouncy trampolines and boy did I go high! I did some front flips but didn’t land them. I then tried slam dunking – I missed a couple but got two. I then played dodge ball where I did a couple of tricks and got two people out … but then I got out. Overall Airborn was awesome!

We all went back to school. Once we got off the bus we went to the assembly area and had afternoon snack and we all played. Then we had to set up our beds. They went by bus 1-3 –I was on bus 3. Then we had dinner which was scrumdidlyumtous! Next we went inside and had a little talk about how good we were. We had ‘Greenvale’s Got Talent’. There were some really good acts. Cristian and Nathan’s performance was slapstick funny. After ‘Greenvale’s Got Talent’, we had the ‘Glow-Stick and Pajama Disco’. The disco was full of energy and was a bit too much for some. Afterwards we watched a great movie…I think-I was asleep! Then we watched a movie in our room for those who wanted to … then it was LIGHTS OUT! The next morning we got up at 6:30am and all got dressed for the day, had breakfast and packed up. We all went home at 8:30am.

It was mind blowing!!