Year 1 Term 3 Newsletter

Year 1 Term 3 Newsletter

 Welcome back everyone!
Welcome also to Alyson Leete who is teaching 1ML for Semester 2.
Just to keep you up to date with what is happening this term.

Our Unit for Term 3 is “Where in the World is Victoria?”
 This is a Geography unit and the key Inquiry questions from the Victorian Curriculum are:
-What are places like? (landscape)
How and why are people connected to their place and other placesWhat makes a place special?
How can we care for places?

We will be using a range of non-fiction books and websites in Literacy and Inquiry to assist children to become more familiar with the features of non-fiction texts. Students will be studying Victoria and its place in Australia and the World. They will become familiar with landmarks and natural features of various places. Students will be required to research and complete a mini project at school.

        In Mathematics this term we will be developing the students’ knowledge of subtraction and extending their counting skills by looking at different skip counting patterns. We will also study length, mass and capacity during our measurement focus.

In Week 2 on Friday 22nd July we will be celebrating 100 Days of School. The students are very excited and will need to bring 100 items to school to count on the day.

                          May we remind you to read the school newsletter each Thursday fortnight so that you are aware of all school news and events. Don’t forget to regularly check the ‘Year 1’ website in order to keep up to date with all the exciting things taking place in Term 3. This is another way in which you can celebrate your child’s learning. The website also contains a range of educational resources for your child to access at home. The Year 1 website can be located at under ‘Students’ and then ‘Year 1’.

Home Reading, Homework and Spelling
Homework will change slightly this term. Students will still have 10 Spelling words (5 Oxford Words and 5 phonic focus words). Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check will need to be done for 3 nights. On the remaining night there will be a different task. This could be such things as writing spelling words in an interesting sentence, rainbow writing etc.

We are very excited about the new home reading books that have been purchased for your child to bring home and share with you.

The Spelling and Homework booklet should remain in the blue tartan pouch.

The pouch should be returned to school on Friday. Take-home books will continue to be changed on Monday.
Please make sure the Clear Pouch comes to school every day.

Many Thanks Year 1 teachers.