Asian Day Year 5

On Friday, the 29th of July, the years fives had an Asian celebration day. Each year 5 teacher had their own activity in which all the students tried their best and had a wonderful and amazing time.

One of the activities was Asians games. These activities included badminton, traditional clothing, checkers, puppets and jacks. Each activity had a fun and exciting vibe all the students had a magnificent time!

The second activity was Asian cooking. The dish we made was fried rice. Parent helpers and teachers helped the students prepare the dish. The ingredients included mushrooms, beans, carrots, capsicum, corn, soy source and of course rice. Each student had their own opinion on whether or not they liked the dish but every student gave it a try.

The last activity was origami. The objective was to make an origami crane. We used square pieces of paper to make the crane. Some of us might have found this activity to be harder than others but it was still an enjoyable activity.

Overall the year 5s had a superb time and we would like to thank all the parent helpers and of course Mrs Kirk, Ms White, Mr B and Miss Chilton

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Year 5 Term 3 Class Captains

Term 3 Class Captains

Well done to the Class Captains for Term 2, you all did an amazing job and should be very proud of your efforts. Now … to announce the new Class Captains for Term 3, pictured below with Mrs Ireland and Ms Clegg.

5AB: Ahmet Halil-Koban and Alyssa Thrasivoulou


5SC: Thevan Herath-Mudiyanselage and Rubyrose Suraci


5RW: Zoe Wynd and Shaun Henry



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Student Voice Drawing and Photography Competition

Drawing and Photography Competition

The upcoming drawing and photography competition is being promoted to our school as a fun, enjoyable and an optional student activity. There are two competitions but one student may only enter one competition for a fair game. Both competitions are already underway and the entries must be given to your classroom teacher by the 10th of August.

  • The drawing competition is open for all ages, foundation to year six, whereas the photography competition is only open for years three to six.
  • We are following a specific theme of sport/action for only our drawing competition and our photography competition has no theme.
  • All drawings and photos must be labelled on the back with the students’ name and class. Drawings are to be on an A4 piece of paper.
  • All of the drawing entries are not to be traced or printed and all photograph entries are to be original work and no selfies please!
  • If you are planning to take a photo of someone else you truly must have the person’s permission.
  • Thank you for your time and we hope to see you enter


By Tamsyn and Sandu – Student Voice Representatives

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First Contact/Indigenous Presentations

Students across Year 3 collaborated in Term 2 to create amazing PowerPoint presentations with images and information they had researched.  Some students went beyond the task requirements and began to explore the audiovisual aspects of the application.  Some great examples are attached.

Jacob and Raneem

Jasmine and Brodey

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Year 3 Term 3 Class Captains

As we launch into Term 3, we would very much like to thank the Term 2 Class Captains for consistently demonstrating Greenvale Primary school values while completing their role. This term, we were once again inspired by the standard of speeches given by students vying to be Term 3 Class Captains. These students promoted their impressive personal qualities, while persuading and entertaining their peers to vote for them.  Congratulations to the Term 3 Class Captains: Aliya Fikir and Christopher Scalise in 3AK, Rayhan Helou and Luca Scalise in 3EB, Emilia Morda and Angus Bartolo in 3SM, and Jasmine Vixayvong and Lincoln Driver in 3WR.

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100 Days of School in Year 1

As a part of mathematics, the Year 1s have been counting the number of days they have been at school. Students were able to use number lines, tens frames, a 100s chart as well as bundles and sticks to represent their counting.

On Friday the 22nd of July, students had the opportunity to celebrate their 100th day of school in year 1. Each child brought in 100 things of their choice such as marshmallows, pencils and marbles. They then set up their 100 objects in rows to count them using the method of skip counting by 2s, 5s, or 10s. They also wrote about the number 100 and participated in games and a craft activity, creating a crown for being 100 days smarter.

The day was very exciting and enjoyed by all. Below are some photos of the day.

IMG_2470 IMG_2471


IMG_2456 IMG_2455

IMG_5114 IMG_5113

IMG_5111 IMG_5110

IMG_5098 IMG_5087



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Divisional AFL

On Friday 22nd July, the Greenvale Interschool AFL Team played in the divisional championships at Jacana Reserve.

The team played in three matches against St Annes PS Sunbury, Wallan PS and Good Shepherd PS Gladstone Park.

Greenvale were strongly challenged in all of their matches, defeating St Annes and Wallan PS in the first two rounds.

The final match was a play off against Good Shepherd who were also undefeated.
Unfortunately for us, we lost this final match with Good Shepherd proving too strong.

Greenvale’s spirit, sportsmanship, skill and effort were constant highlights throughout the day.
The team should be incredibly proud of their efforts throughout the AFL season and proud that we were the only team to play a truly mixed team (males and females).

I hope all members of the AFL team continue to pursue the sport in the future and constantly look to improve their skills.

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