eSafetyWomen is designed to empower Australian women to take control of their online experiences. This initiative of the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner forms part of the Australian Government’s Women’s Safety Package to Stop the Violence.

All Australians deserve to be safe online. However, one in four Australian women has experienced emotional abuse from a current or former partner, and one in six Australian women has experienced violence from a current or former partner.* In most cases this abuse and violence includes the use of technology to abuse, control and stalk.**

The eSafetyWomen resources aim to help women manage technology risks and abuse by giving women the tools they need to be confident when online.

Safe access to technology is crucial for women so they can stay connected to their family and friends, engage with the world, and get information and support. eSafetyWomen helps women stay connected safely.

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Year 6’s attend the schools ANZAC Day ceremony at Shrine

Our Year 6 students once again attended the special schools ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance to commemorate ANZAC Day. Our school captains laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame on behalf of our school.

2 3 5 9 13 15 17 30 35

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District Cross Country 2016

On Friday May 13th, 59 Greenvale PS students went to Brimbank Park to compete at the district cross country against local schools.

Our team competed against hundreds of other students from ten local schools. All Greenvale students completed their 2000 and 3000 meter events and displayed our school values throughout the day.

Two outstanding individual performances came in the 11 Year Girls race with Alexander Geddes and Chelsea Gillard finishing second and third respectively.

In the overall standings Greenvale PS relinquished the cross country championship, finishing second to a strong St Carlo team.

Many of our students will advance to compete at the divisional cross country championships on Wednesday June 1st.


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Class Captains – Term 2

Firstly, we would like to recognise and congratulate all students who were Term 1 Class Captains. It was pleasing to see the leadership skills of these students continue to grow through the beginning of our school year and set the example for our future leaders.

As we commence Term 2, the leadership journey begins for a new group of students in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6. We would like to congratulate the following students and wish them the best of luck as they challenge themselves as leaders within their classroom.

Year 3: Jai Beckwith, Jessie Anderson, Kelvyn Hee, Lauren Borg, Demir Doguluer, Eylul Karadag

Year 3/4: Eren Ozsoy, Verity Ladiges

Year 4: Tristien Riccuiti, Stella Hoye, Omar Khodr, Eliz Doguluer, Kaan Kantarmaci, Beyza Cayir

Year 5: Liam Bartolo, Jalle Goche, Phillip Choo Koon, Chelsea Gillard, Max Satler, Nina Pantelidis

Year 5/6: Mitchell Canny, Isabella Brewster

Year 6: Joshua Chimanya, Dakota Sykes, Ben Scerri, Monique Santiglia, Ibrahim Abdi, Ayla Sagdic

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Term 2 Year 3 Class Captains

3WR Term 2 3SM 3EB Term 3AK

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Term 1 Captains who have done a great job!

The Term 2, Year 3 Class Captain presentations were impressive across all classes.  In many classes the results were very close and we even had a draw!  Congratulations to our Term 2 Class Captains: Jessie Anderson and Jai Beckwith in 3AK, Lisa Matthews and Benjamin Ferraro in 3WR, Kelvyn Hee and Lauren Borg in 3EB, and last but not least Demir Doguluer and Eylul Karadag in 3SM.  These students presented entertaining and persuasive speeches and were successfully voted in by their peers. 

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Interschool Sport – Round 1 VS St Carlo

AFL – OPEN 79   0 WIN

Next week the Greenvale Cross Country team will compete at our district championships.

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Year 1 Excursion to Melbourne Museum

IMG_2316During Term 2 the Inquiry topic is ‘Lets Turn Back Time’.  Students have been learning how families differ from one another in their class and about the past, present and future.

On Tuesday the 3rd of May students visited the Melbourne Museum to support their learning further. Students participated in a class led by the staff at the Museum called ‘My Grandmother’s Toybox’. They were shown how toys have changed over time and had the opportunity to touch these toys including a very old Marngrook football that was made out of possum skin.

Students also had the chance to look at different animals, walk through an old Melbourne style home and saw large bone structures from whales and dinosaurs. The students had a fantastic day and learnt lots of interesting facts. Below are some photos of the excursion.



IMG_5047 IMG_2347 IMG_5048IMG_5042IMG_2300IMG_5048IMG_0670IMG_0660IMG_0650IMG_0646





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