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Parliament Process Incursion

In weeks 4 and 6 the Year 5 students where they looked at the House of Representatives and the Senate. They participated in role plays where they had to vote and then debate their ideas to pass a bill. All students enjoyed themselves!


We were in the senate learning about government and democracy and how it works. One thing I learnt is that democracy is fair because you have to vote.

I really liked the fact that we all got to all participate in a role for a role play together and one thing I learnt was there are three stages a bill has to pass to become a law.

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Year 3 Colour Explosion!

Last Friday, 25th of May our school participated in a Colour Explosion walk-a-thon! The event was a HUGE success and the students were thrilled that they got to spend the afternoon covered in a rainbow of colours with their friends.


Year 3 started the afternoon off all white and shiny with the rest of the school, but after that things started to get a little bit more colourful. We did a lap of the circuit which had parents helpers and teachers at stations covering us in coloured powder.




Our teachers had a fun time too!

After that it was time for the colour EXPLOSION! The whole school had to throw cups and bags of coloured powder up into the air to create a colour cloud.


Many students raised money by getting sponsers for their lap around the colour circuit and there is still time to get some sponsers in before June 8th!


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Term 2 Science News

This term, the students in Years 3-6 are continuing their learning about Physical Sciences.

Year 5/6 – Electricity Unit

We have worked on making circuits using the Makey Makey kits. The Makey Makey kits allowed the students to demonstrate how to open and close circuits using various conductive objects connected to alligator clips. When the circuit is closed, the signals are then sent to the computer as commands like a button on a keyboard.

The students were able to use Playdoh and bananas to replace their keyboards to operate online bongos, a piano keyboard and various games.

Education Week  May 20th-26th

During Education Week, our school had the opportunity to display our student’s work at Gladstone Park Shopping Centre. Science was represented by the work completed by year 5/6 students in term 1, showcasing our paperclip and pressure switches and some of our completed torches.

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Push and Pull with Parachutes

This term, the Year 2 students have been learning about forces and how they effect the way objects move as part of their Inquiry unit. The students worked collaboratively with a partner to design, build and test their very own parachute to explore push and pull forces such as gravity and drag. After testing their parachute by dropping it from the top of the playground, they experimented with different variables and made changes to improve their parachute.

Yari, Ethan and Lucas testing their parachute

Marli 2SB and Anya 2CH


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District Cross Country 2018

On Thursday May 24th, 59 students from Greenvale Primary School attended Brimbank Park to compete in the District Cross Country.

In ideal running conditions, the Cross Country Team battled against hundreds of runners from 16 local schools.
The students competed across 2000 and 3000 metre events and represented our school with great pride, setting an outstanding example for our school among the local community.

We experienced many great results throughout the day, with 21 students qualifying through to the Divisional Cross Country on May 30th.
Some of our students placed in the top three of their respective events including:
9/10 Year Old Girls: 3rd, Victoria
9/10 Year Old Boys, 1st, Omer
11 Year Old Girls: 1st, Maiya
12 Year Old Boys: 3rd, Royce

In the overall points standings, Greenvale Primary School finished in first place among all of the schools winning another Cross Country Championship.
This result is a testament to the hard work, dedication and high standards of the Greenvale Cross Country team.
The team trained hard each week, constantly motivated each other to achieve their best and most importantly had a lot of fun throughout the process.

Congratulations to the team and every individual on their achievements.

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Performing Arts May 2018

Foundation students practiced singing ‘Everybody’s got to smile’ every week this term and performed at this week’s Assembly. They put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Year 2 students have experienced composing their own melodies and performed their work to their classmates.

We enjoyed your great sounds Year 2’s!

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Interschool Sport – Round 3 VS St Carlo

AFL – OPEN 27   44 LOSS
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