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Italian: Days of the week – Year 1/2

The students in Year 1/2 and Year 5 played board games to reinforce what was learnt in class.  The language of taking turns (tocca a te) and numbers one to six was revised (uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque, sei) as well as “I’ve won!” (ho vinto!)

I giorni della settimana (Days of the week )

lunedi` (Monday)    martedi` (Tuesday)     mercoledi` (Wednesday)   giovedi`  (Thursday)  venerdi` (Friday)

sabato (Saturday)    domenica (Sunday)

REMEMBER the days of the week in Italian do not need a capital letter except if at the beginning of a sentence.

Signora Eleonora Schembri
Signora Elisa Mirenda

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Italian Week

Ciao a tutti!

On Monday 17th October, Greenvale Primary School launched a fantastic Italian Festa!

The Year Four students participated in a wide range of activities celebrating the Italian language and culture.

Students enjoyed yummy pizza, gelato and crostoli!

img_0743 img_0744

They participated in an interactive stage show involving singing and dancing!

img_0748 img_0751 img_0752 img_0756 img_0761 img_0762 img_0769

They had a blast showcasing their artistic talents and creating wonderful Venetian Masks!

img_0802 img_0804 img_0809 img_0811 img_0828

Not to mention the endless songs and stories listened to throughout the week – Il Pappagallo a favourite in 4MP!


All Year Four students had an amazing week and their love of the Italian language continues to grow!

Grazie molto Signora Schembri!

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