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This term for Curiosity we have been learning about forces and gravity. On Tuesday the 28th of November the Year 2’s went to Latitude. At Latitude we completed lots of different activities. We went on an very high obstacle course and did some rock climbing. We also got to jump, play dodge ball and shoot basketball hoops on the big trampolines. After our session we went to Bundoora Park and ate lunch. We all really enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun!!

Below are some pictures from the day.


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During Term 3 our Curiosity unit is Earth and Space. On Wednesday the 30th of August we went to Scienceworks. At Scienceworks we went to the Planetarium where we watched a short movie called ‘Tilt’. We also got to see what the Melbourne sky looks like at night time, we saw lots of stars and constellations. During our visit to Scienceworks we also got to explore ‘Sportworks’ and ‘Think Ahead’. We had a wonderful day and leant lots of new things!

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Book Week

On Wednesday the 23rd of August, Greenvale Primary School celebrated Book Week.

In the morning all the Year 2’s came together for a parade. We had lots of different book characters, Harry Potter, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka and Robin Hood just to name a few! Below are some photos of us on the day 🙂


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Year 1 and 2 puppet shows in Italian classes

The Year 1 and 2 students have listened to a story about Il Pappagallo (The Cockatoo).  They presented short plays to each other and have taken home their puppets and script.  Please encourage them to share with you at home.


Signora Schembri and Signora Mirenda

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Multicultural Week

At the end of Term 2, the Year 2 students all participated in a Multicultural Week.

On Tuesday we looked at Indigenous Australians. The students did charcoal drawings, decorated boomerangs and got to taste ‘bush tucker’.

On Wednesday we looked at Multicultural Australians. We walked to the Greenvale shopping centre to investigate food and grocery items available from other countries, we cooked rice and used chopsticks to eat it and we made necklaces from macaroni.

On Thursday we studied Australia. The students dressed up in Aussie bush attire and were able to try some Australian food- vegemite sandwich and lamingtons.

We all had a fantastic week celebrating Multiculturalism in Australia. Below are some photos of the students having fun!



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Market Fresh In-school activity

Welcome to the new school year!! We have had a wonderful start to Year 2. We are already very busy, with lots of fun things planned for the year.

Our Inquiry unit for the term is ‘The Community’. On Tuesday the 28th of February the Year 2 students had a visit from ‘Market Fresh’. The students were able to taste and learn about many different seasonal fruits and vegetables. They were told about the importance of including fresh fruit and vegetables into their diets every day. The students had lots of fun tasting and trying new foods.

Below are some photos from the day!



Year 2 team- Janine, Deb, Sujata, Sara, Sophie and Chanelle.


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Year 2 Important Places in Melbourne Excursion

Throughout term 3, the year 2 students have been focussing on Victoria. They have learnt about states and capital cities as well as the important landmarks of Melbourne and surrounding towns and cities. On Tuesday August 30, all of our year 2 students were fortunate enough to visit Melbourne and see some of these special landmarks first hand. We toured the Queen Victoria Market, the State Library of Victoria and Federation Square and visited Flinders Street Station. It was an exciting day for all with one of the highlights being the Ned Kelly exhibition in the State Library. The store holders of the Queen Victoria Market were all so excited to see us, showing us their produce up close and personal and even on their heads! It was a great day and experience for all involved; below are some photos of our day.

20160830_120647 2SM excursion photo IMG_0638 IMG_0634  IMG_0365  2NM excursion photo20160830_14175020160830_12284120160830_123024

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