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2016 Year 6 Camp Tuesday

We arrived safely at camp and the morning drizzle turned into a sunny afternoon. After a lunch of salad rolls we headed out to start our activities. As you can see we are having a ball although I think the water was a bit chilly. Dinner was lasagne and salad and it really hit the spot. Tonight we are playing Minute to Win it games then it will be time to hit the sack for a well earned rest.

100_0003 100_0004 2100_0012 100_0015 dscn0364 dscn0368 dscn0374 dscn2220 dscn2246 dscn2254 dscn2345 dscn2352 dscn2464 dscn2470

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Year 5 Camp Reflection

YEAR 5 CAMP By Nicholas Fruci, 5AB

Hello! On the 4th to the 7th of October, the Grade 5s went to camp at Philip Island Adventure Resort. The activities were archery, GIANT swing, twin flying fox, canoeing, low ropes, ponding, swimming and pancake cooking. We also had a disco, night walk, movie and a quiz. Some of the meals were baked spuds, burgers, chicken wraps, schnitzel, fish n chips, pasta and more.

Each cabin had 4-5 people with bunk eds and a double. The funniest part of camp was people screaming on the GIANT swing going AHHHHHHHHHH that was funny and the people screaming AHHH on the night walk ha ha.


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2016 Year 5 Camp Day 4

On our final day we packed up and boarded the bus and headed off to watch the pelicans being fed. Before leaving the camp the cleaning staff complimented our children on the tidiness of their rooms, telling us that we were one of the best camp groups that they had ever had. We farewelled Emily our PIAR activity organiser, we were her last group at Phillip Island Adventure Resort as she heads off to NSW and a new job.

After taking a walk along the pier and watching the pelicans being fed a tired but happy group of campers said goodbye to Phillip Island and headed for home. A huge thankyou to everyone who attended, parents, teachers and students. You all contributed to a fantastic camp.

dscn2302 dscn2303 dscn2304 dscn2305 dscn2306


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2016 Year 5 Camp Day 3

Day 3 saw the sun shining brightly as we headed off to Smith’s Beach. After lunch we cooked campfire pancakes, searched for insects and tadpoles in the pond and had a well earned swim. Tonight it’s party time as we all get on our camp T-shirts and hit the dance floor.

dscn2100 dscn2098 dscn2094 dscn2093 dscn2092 dscn2090 dscn2107 dscn2106file-6-10-16-7-47-50-pm file-6-10-16-7-48-06-pm

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2016 Year 5 Camp Day 2 Lunch

An important part of camp is the food and judging by the looks on these faces the food is great. When asked who wants seconds nearly every hand went up.dscn1934 dscn1935 dscn1936 dscn1938 dscn1939 dscn1940 dscn1943 dscn1944 dscn1945 dscn1946

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2016 Year 5 Camp Day 1

We arrived at camp under cloudy conditions but as you can see the weather was kind to us and the sun was shining onour activities.

dscn1855 dscn1862 dscn1865 dscn2085 dscn2088 dscn2100 dscn2113 img_1291 img_1304 img_1307 img_1318 img_1327 img_1343

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Ace-Hi Ranch

On Wednesday the 4th of May, 70 excited Year 4 students carried their pillows and sleeping bags and boarded the bus for their first ever stay – away camp! The buses were filled with nervous laughter as the students made their way along the Mornington Peninsula to the fun-filled horse riding camp – Ace-Hi Ranch!

Students participated in a range of activities designed to develop confidence, team work and a sense of adventure! The giant swing, flying fox and rock climbing wall were just some of the highlights of the fun 3-day camp.

IMG_0174 IMG_0192DSCF0394IMG_0284IMG_0285 DSCF0401 DSCF0453

The students also had fun learning how to ride a horse and how to shoot a bow and arrow. It was fantastic to see the students working as a team to make their way through the very tricky obstacle course! Lots of giggling and laughter could be heard in the air as the children tried to swing across the ‘lake of alligators.’

IMG_0155 IMG_0151 IMG_0146 IMG_0125DSCF0595 DSCF0586 DSCF0576IMG_0374IMG_0376IMG_0389IMG_0403IMG_0412IMG_0427

By the end of our three day camp, new friendships were formed, fears were faced (and beaten!) and lots of tired yet happy campers returned home with new found confidence. Congratulations to all the Year 4 campers for their amazing behaviour, manners and attitude!

IMG_0380 DSCF0681 DSCF0414 DSCF0410 DSCF0408



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