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Year 3 Sleepover

Our students all had a fantastic time during our Year 3 ‘Sleepover’ on Friday October, 14th. They were kept busy during the day and demonstrated how ‘Greenvale kids are Great’ by displaying their kind, courteous and gracious behaviour while visiting the United Cinemas, Craigieburn and Airborn trampoline park in Roxburgh Park.  Both venues did a fantastic job of looking after us and we were very appreciative.

Once back at Greenvale Primary school, the students were spoilt with a lovely afternoon tea and some scrumptious pizza dinner from My Mates Pizza, in Glenroy. Of course there were a few nerves but overall the students were amazing during what was their first night away from their family. Well Done Year 3s!


Year 3 Sleepover

By Nathan La Motta 3WR

On Friday the 14th of October 2016 the year 3s had a sleepover. It was an awesome day with over 100 kids and lots of activities.

First off, we went to the movies and watched ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.  We had popcorn and a drink. The movie was very funny and also very silly. It ended with a cliff hanger. The cinema staff were funny, fabulous and friendly –

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First Contact/Indigenous Presentations

Students across Year 3 collaborated in Term 2 to create amazing PowerPoint presentations with images and information they had researched.  Some students went beyond the task requirements and began to explore the audiovisual aspects of the application.  Some great examples are attached.

Jacob and Raneem

Jasmine and Brodey

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Year 3 Term 3 Class Captains

As we launch into Term 3, we would very much like to thank the Term 2 Class Captains for consistently demonstrating Greenvale Primary school values while completing their role. This term, we were once again inspired by the standard of speeches given by students vying to be Term 3 Class Captains. These students promoted their impressive personal qualities, while persuading and entertaining their peers to vote for them.  Congratulations to the Term 3 Class Captains: Aliya Fikir and Christopher Scalise in 3AK, Rayhan Helou and Luca Scalise in 3EB, Emilia Morda and Angus Bartolo in 3SM, and Jasmine Vixayvong and Lincoln Driver in 3WR.

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Captain Cook Cottage Excursion

As part of our Term 2 history topic on First Contacts, Year 3 students visited Captain Cook’s cottage and the Fitzroy gardens. Students explored a range of historical artefacts and learnt about Cook’s historical voyages. During the visit, students also had the opportunity to explore all the interesting aspects of the garden including the miniature Tudor village, fountains, the conservatory and the scarred tree.


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Year 3 First Fleeter Presentations

Year 3 students used their research skills to find details of a person who arrived in Australia on the First Fleet. They explored and considered what it would be like to have travelled on the First Fleet and wrote a letter home from their character explaining the conditions on the boat. Finally they made a creative presentation to their class to share their findings.  Our students were actively engaged in the task and many presented in some very creative costumes.

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Year 3 Sport – Semester 1

Throughout the first semester, Year 3 students have participated in a wide range of physical activities during Year level sport.  In Term 1, students participated in athletics activities including discuss, shot put, long jump and relay. In Term 2 we started to work with some of the major sports including netball, football, basketball and soccer. Year 6 House Captains coached students and provided support to run the sports in Term 2 and did a fantastic job! Thank you so much to those amazing helpers.

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Term 2 Year 3 Class Captains

3WR Term 2 3SM 3EB Term 3AK

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Term 1 Captains who have done a great job!

The Term 2, Year 3 Class Captain presentations were impressive across all classes.  In many classes the results were very close and we even had a draw!  Congratulations to our Term 2 Class Captains: Jessie Anderson and Jai Beckwith in 3AK, Lisa Matthews and Benjamin Ferraro in 3WR, Kelvyn Hee and Lauren Borg in 3EB, and last but not least Demir Doguluer and Eylul Karadag in 3SM.  These students presented entertaining and persuasive speeches and were successfully voted in by their peers. 

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