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Foundation Legoland Excursion

On Thursday May 3rd the Foundation students thoroughly enjoyed their first ever excursion. The venue was the Legoland Discovery Centre. The majority of students had never travelled on a big bus before, so the children’s excitement levels were at an all-time high. After many games of iSpy and conversations had about the city and our surroundings, we finally arrived at Chadstone Shopping Centre where Legoland and a full day of fun awaited us.

All students took part in a workshop session where they built and tested spinning tops. They had to predict and conduct an experiment where they assessed which spinning top design spun for the longest. After the workshop, students then had the whole discovery centre to explore. The students went on two rides, built a Lego race car, played on the adventure playground and watched a Lego Movie in 4D! As well as having a wonderful time, the students understanding of the scientific concept of forces was strengthen considerably.

A big thank you to the parent helpers who assisted in the smooth running of the day.

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Foundation Bundoora Farm Excursion

On Friday 24th of November the Foundation students went on an excursion to the Bundoora Farm. The students were lucky enough to milk a goat, make lemon cordial, cuddle guinea pigs, plant a shrub, visit the many farm animals that were on display and take part in a poo pick up race! All students thoroughly enjoyed the Farm excursion and came home with many happy memories and a much deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability. Please enjoy the following photos that displays the fun and excitement that was had on the day.



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Foundation Hands on Science Incursion

On Friday the 8th of September, the Foundation students were lucky enough to be scientists for the day as we had our Hands on Science incursion. During the super science session the students took part in many different experiments where they learnt about different materials and their properties. All of the little scientist who took part in the sessions thoroughly enjoyed themselves and even created their own jumping frog toy to keep! The following as some photos that captured the fun held on the day.

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Bloke’s Breakfast

On Friday the 1st of September, Foundation Students invited their Dad’s along to attend the Bloke’s Breakfast of 2017. Fresh hot pancakes were quickly gobbled down and thoroughly enjoyed. We would like give a special thanks to the wonderful Mr Mac, Mr Mazzella and Mr Rovetto, who cooked up a storm! The following photos are just a glimpse of some of the fun and enjoyment that the morning displayed.

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Foundation Ice Skating Excursion

In Term 3, Foundation students are learning about weather in our Curiosity unit. On Thursday August 10th the Foundation students went on their second excursion for the year to the Obrien Group Ice Skating Arena in Docklands. Dressed accordingly for the icy cold weather, and buzzing with excitement we all set off for a fun filled day. When we arrived at the arena, the students took part in an ice skating lesson followed by an hour of free skating to show off their newly taught skills.

Although some students (and Miss Maher) were found slipping and falling to the ground, every single student got straight back up, brushed themselves off and continued to skate. Their persistent efforts blew everyone away.

After our morning of skating, we all made our way back onto the buses and travelled to Brimbank Park where we enjoyed a picnic and play time on the adventure playground.

The students arrived back tired but very proud of their new experiences and the new skills that they had developed. The students should all be commended for their persistence and resilience that they showed throughout the day.

Here are some accompanying photos to show a snippet of the fun

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Foundation 100 Days of School

On Wednesday August 2nd our Foundation students of 2017 celebrated their 100 days of school. The day was full of joy and great excitement. During this time we have seen our students flourish, developing into respectful and resilient members of Greenvale Primary School.

The students were all asked to bring along 100 items, which they counted, recorded and wrote about. We had a variety of items brought such as 100 straws, 100 smarties, 100 marshmallows, 100 origami uniforms, 100 cars just to name a few…

The Foundation Teachers, Mrs Pucar, Mrs Dodd, Ms Law, Miss Franz and Miss Maher are so proud of every single one of their students. We all had a wonderful time celebrating the successes and developments that our fabulous Foundation students have achieved so far this year.

The following photos capture some of the fun and excitement that the day produced!


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