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Choir Nursing Home Visits

Congratulations to the 31 choir students for singing great Christmas Joy to all the residents in the 4 Nursing Homes; St Annes Westmeadows, Craigcare Pascoe Vale, Arcadia Essendon and OPAL Meadow Heights.

I’m so proud of their hard work during lunchtime practices and believe their singing and confidence is improving greatly. Looking forward to our future performances in 2019!

Mrs Foletta

Performing Arts Teacher

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Art show entertainment

Congratulations to the school Choir for a wonderful performance on the night of our Art Show last week. They started their performance with a ‘Waka Waka’ dance then sang ‘I have a dream’, ‘Candyman’, ‘Put a little love in your heart’, ‘A million dreams’ and ‘One Song’. Special thanks to the soloists who were courageous enough to sing in front of the large audience in the Gym on their own, some of them doing so for the first time.

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Performing Arts computer music

Performing Arts News by Mrs Foletta

This week is planning week where students are given extra fun activities by the Specialists while their classroom teachers are planning their programs for next term.

The year 4s and 5s that had music on Tuesday were given the opportunity to create their own music on their laptops using free computer programs Incredibox and Song maker.

Congratulations to the students who performed to everyone at Monday’s Assembly and sang a really fun song called ‘Best Day Ever’.

The Greenvale Choir continue to practice during lunch sessions and will be performing some great songs at the Art Show next term. They’ll be appearing twice on the night just in case you can’t make it to their first performance. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Performing Arts News September 2018

Last week the Year 6 students began presenting their ‘Composer’ projects to the class. Since the start of the term each student was required to choose a famous Composer from the past. They needed to find information and use a computer program to create an interesting slide show. After presenting their slide show they completed a self-assessment on how well they felt they went and what they could do to improve next time. Each Year 6 student was also required to complete a peer assessment for one student in the class.

After listening to some classical music from the Composers the students were quite surprised that they recognised the music, usually from TV commercials and movies. In fact Tchaikovsky’s music has been used for many children’s movies such as ‘Nutcracker Prince’ and ‘Barbie of Swan Lake’.

Some interesting facts. Did you know?

  • Edvard Grieg kept a good luck frog figurine in his pocket. He would pat it before each concert.
  • Joseph Haydn loved playing practical jokes. At age 17, he was kicked out of singing school, partly because he had cut off the pigtail of another boy, but mainly because he had “matured” and his once-beautiful voice had turned to
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School of Rock 2018

On June 28th, 30 choir students performed in the ‘School of Rock’ at Melrose Melbourne Receptions, Tullamarine. They were one of many Primary and Secondary students who performed on the day with the aim to entertain, without the pressure of a competition. Our students opened the show with 2 songs; Colour my World and Celebration. Alyia, Canay and Verity lead the choir students who all worked hard to practice during their lunch times. They sang beautifully and danced cheerfully in their new colourful music t-shirts. Term 3 will be another busy time while the choir practices for their Art Show performances.


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Performing Arts May 2018

Foundation students practiced singing ‘Everybody’s got to smile’ every week this term and performed at this week’s Assembly. They put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Year 2 students have experienced composing their own melodies and performed their work to their classmates.

We enjoyed your great sounds Year 2’s!

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Performing Arts Term 1 2018

This Term the Foundations are learning to sing ‘Advance Australia Fair’ in preparation for the school Assemblies.

We’ve been looking at the lyrics of the song and what they mean through a picture story book titled ‘Sing Australia’. Foundations will be given a copy of the lyrics to take home so that they can practise singing ‘Advance Australia Fair’ with their parents.

During term 1, Foundations will also learn a new song to perform at their first Assembly appearance. They’ll also experience different percussion instruments and learn what a music beat is.

The Year 1s and 2s will continue their music program consisting of: beat, rhythm, tempo and dynamics (loud and soft). They’ll play percussion instruments and learn to read music symbols. Both year levels will have opportunities to work collaboratively in groups while creating dance moves and singing to selected music.

Years 3 to 6 students will not have Performing Arts as a specialist subject until Semester 2 this year.


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