Greenvale Primary School - Curriculum ImageGreenvale Primary School offers a broad curriculum from grades Prep to 6 encompassing the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Technology, Studies of Society and Environment, Science, LOTE (Language Other Than English), The Arts, and Health and Physical Education. The school sets high academic expectations and delivers high standards in student achievement across the curriculum.


At Greenvale, the teaching philosophy is based on the belief that language underpins learning.  Therefore, correct and proficient speaking and listening skills are developed through informal and formal teaching experiences.  A structured and successful English as a Second Language (ESL) program operates for those students who are recent arrivals from non-English speaking countries.

The leadership and teaching staff at Greenvale also believe that support from home is a vital component of consolidating student success.  This includes, encouraging students to speak correct English; helping them learn to read and spell frequently used words; reading home reading texts together; encouraging students to borrow, read and enjoy books from our extensive library and having parents model an interest in reading and writing at home.

In grades Prep- 2, the teaching of reading and writing is based on the Early Years model.  A balanced approach includes knowing how to automatically read and spell the Most Used Words and a sound knowledge of phonics is included in order to ensure early success.  The emphasis in the Early Years is on learning how to read and write. Greenvale operates a ‘Literacy Helpers’ program to train parents who are interested in helping in classrooms.

In years 3 – 6 the emphasis changes to use reading in order to learn. Beneficial comprehension skills are taught and practised.  In writing, students are taught how to write specific texts.  Teachers use a consistent approach based on the roles that a writer undertakes.  Firstly as an author who plans, writes and edits their work and then as a secretary who proofreads and publishes the texts.

Greenvale’s up to date ICT program complements all programs in English.

A literacy support program targets the students who have been identified as being most needy, through the use of regular and effective assessment tools.


Greenvale Primary School follows a sequential mathematics program to develop students’ skills, knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts. Numeracy lessons follow current education initiatives and focus on number fluency activities and the explicit teaching of skills, concepts and vocabulary. A minimum of six hours of numeracy is taught each week. Essential mathematical skills are taught by all teachers from prep to six using a variety of teaching styles and educational resources including interactive whiteboards, iPods and computers. Continuous assessment ensures our teaching caters for all student needs.

Our program is enhanced by school events such as:

  • 100 Days of School
  • Parental Assisted Mathematical Tasks
  • Family Mathematics evenings
  • Numeracy related Education Week Activities
  • Parent Information Sessions
  • Newsletter Information/Competition



The school delivers the key learning areas of Science, Technology and Studies of Society and the Environment through an Integrated Curriculum, which has a focus on the Inquiry process of learning. By applying the Inquiry Approach students learn to develop high level thinking skills and apply this to both the technological design process and scientific procedures. The Integrated Curriculum program is enhanced by the school’s sequential research skills program, which assists students in developing the ability to locate, understand and manipulate information across all Key Learning areas. The school also utilises the expertise of staff members who are trained as Regional Trainers in Science.


Greenvale Primary provides for students to participate in both specialist Visual and Performing Arts programs. These programs are delivered in well designed, purpose built rooms. A feature of the school environment is the extensive display of student artwork. Link to Student Art Gallery.

A specialist music program is delivered for all students form Prep to year six, including a recorder program for years 3 to 5. Interested students in all year levels are invited to join the school choir. Students from grades three to six may audition for solo parts in the choir. This group rehearses weekly and performs at a variety of functions through the school year. Parents also have the opportunity to pay for their children to be tutored in an on-site instrumental program in keyboard and guitar.

All students participate in regular physical education sessions planned and delivered by a specialist physical education teacher. Students in years 3 to 6 also participate in regular school-based sport sessions with students in years 5 and 6 having the opportunity to represent the school in an inter-school sports competition. The school also has annual athletics and cross-country competitions for students in years 3 to 6.

Students in years 2 – 6 have the opportunity to join the school’s Jump Rope for Heart Skipping team, which trains weekly throughout the year and participates in a wide range of school and community events, competitions and demonstrations at other schools. In years 3 and 4, students participate in an intensive bike education program, which is delivered by a highly reputable organisation and provides bicycles and safety equipment for all students involved.

The school has a very strong record of performance in sport with students competing at the State and National level. Link to School Celebrations.


LOTE – Italian

The LOTE program introduces the students from Foundation to Year 6 the basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in the Italian language. The program also gives the students an opportunity to develop an appreciation, awareness and understanding of the history and culture of Italy.


Other Key Features of the School’s Curriculum Program include:

Information Communication Technology:

At Greenvale Primary School we seek to use innovative Information and Communication Technologies to enhance student learning and promote the responsible use of technology in a global community. (GPS eLearning Plan Vision 2009-2011). To enable students to work towards our school vision, all classes at Greenvale Primary School have access to the local ICT network. This network links all computers in the school and provides both staff and students with access to the internet and email facilities. Each classroom has a range of technological devices to enhance student learning.

Student skill level is developed through a sequential program, which enables students to utilise computers to support and further enhance their learning across all areas of the curriculum. Greenvale Primary School students and teachers have begun to use the Ultranet.  We are going to teach students the ways to use the internet; and associated tools and programs in a safe and appropriate manner. As a school we will be implementing “cyber-safety” lessons to provide your students with guidelines for using computers, the internet and email safely.

Skills For Growing:

All students from Prep to Year 6 receive important life skills through the school’s Skills for Growing Program. Components of this program include building positive self-esteem, strengthening positive relationships, making good decisions and resisting negative peer pressure. A sequential program to provide accurate drug use and ways to help children stay drug free is seen by our parents as a feature of the program.

You Can Do It!:

The school recently introduced the You Can Do It! – Program Achieve to the grades five and six students as part of the school’s involvement as a focus school in the Middle Years Research Program. The program introduces students to the four keys of success (Confidence, Organisation, Persistence and Getting Along) in order to teach students how to think rationally and to eliminate the negative mindset associated with anxiety, low self-esteem, work avoidance and general disorganisation.
Link to Keys to Success.

Sun Smart Program:

Greenvale Primary School is a sun smart school and all students are required to wear either a legionnaire or broad-rimmed hat in both term 1 and term 4. An ongoing strategy to further develop the school grounds includes the provision of adequate shade in the school playground.